The Future of Surfing

Fall 2014 - Request Invite for Details

Accelerating Surfing Outside the Ocean

Surf Park Summit brings together the industry’s top minds to collaborate on how to make surfing accessible to the world outside of the coast.

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2013 Summit Topics

  • Surf Park Industry Potential – Doug Palladini
  • Surf Park History: Six Decades in the Pool – PT Townend
  • Designing, Building & Operating: Lessons From Abu Dhabi – Dan Harmon
  • Surf Park Metrics and Standardization – Tom Lochtefeld
  • Sustinability – Jess Ponting, Chad Nelsen, Derek Sabori, Nick Hounsfield & Chris Hines
  • Happiness and Surfing – Fernando Aguerre
  • Technology Supporting Surf Park Innovation – Maik Ulmscheider
  • Wave Loch: Flying Reef – Tom Lochtefeld
  • Planning, Building, Execution – Ben Lonsdale
  • Webber Wave Pools – Greg Webber
  • Surf Parks & Cable Parks – Tony Finn
  • Surf Anywhere Project – Neil Egsgard
  • Definitions and Criteria for Surf Parks – Bruce McFarland
  • Surf Park Business Model Viability – Jamie Meiselman

More details coming soon – Request an invite for updates